Brochures that Protect the Public's Health

12 Steps to A Healthier School

Children are a vulnerable population due to their small size and unique physiology. Schools should be as environmentally safe as possible.

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12 Reasons Why Synthetic Fields Pose a Health Risk

Synthetic turf fields are made of plastic grass infilled with shredded waste tires known as “crumb rubber.”

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The Health Effects
of Wood Smoke

Find out how smoke from your neighbor's outdoor wood burning furnace may be affecting your health.

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12 Steps to Reducing
Fetal Exposures

What 12 things can you do to reduce potentially harmful exposures during pregnancy?

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Pregnant? Foods to
Avoid and Enjoy

Learn about six foods to enjoy and six foods to avoid during pregnancy.

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12 Steps to Reducing Carcinogens

Discover 12 things you can do to reduce your exposures to common carcinogens.

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Environment and Human Health, Inc. (EHHI) is a ten-member, science-based non-profit organization composed of physicians, public health professionals and policy experts dedicated to protecting human health from environmental harms through research, education and the promotion of sound public policies.

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