EHHI Flame Retardant Report
The Case for Policy Change

News and Information about Flame Retardants

Flame-retardants are now ubiquitous in our environment. They are found in almost all consumer products and pose health risks to fetuses, infants, children and the human population as a whole. EHHI's report closely examines the health risks that flame-retardants pose to the general population and recommends sweeping policy changes to protect the public.

EHHI Environment and Human Health Recommends Two Flame Retardant Policy Changes

NYC Toddlers Have Potentially Harmful Flame Retardants on Their Hands

Group Highlights Link Between Chemicals in Household Items, Brain Development in Kids

CPSC Considers Ban on Toxic Flame Retardants in Household Products

Michigan's Bald Eagles Full of Flame Retardants

Mattresses Available Without Flame Retardants