Artificial Turf Report
Exposures to Ground-Up Rubber Tires
Athletic Fields, Playgrounds, Garden Mulch

Cancers among soccer players who have played on synthetic turf and reported their cancers to U of Washington coach Amy Griffin.

As of December 2016, 186 soccer players have gotten cancer, 116 of whom are goalkeepers. See "more info" for full list.

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Spectrum News: Tractors Plowing Snow Create Cloud of Crumb Rubber

The Pittsburgh Steelers-Buffalo Bills game was held up due to a buildup of black rubber pellets on the field.

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ABC7: Rubber Mulch on LI Children's Playgrounds Raising Health Concerns

North Shore School district on Long Island is removing all of its rubber mulch playgrounds. You know the smell of burning rubber? That's what the playground smells like.

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