Artificial Turf: Cancers Among Players

Cancers among soccer players who have played on synthetic turf and reported their cancers to U of Washington associate women’s soccer coach Amy Griffin.

The percentage of goalies continues to be an important factor in all this——as is the number of blood cancers.

Even if people dispute the total number of cancer cases——and no one actually knows how many of the cancer cases ever get reported to Amy——one cannot discount the number of affected goalies. Goalies are the most exposed players on a soccer team and the data shows that they are the most affected. The other important number is the blood cancer number, because they are the majority of cancers, and many blood cancers are susceptible to environmental exposures.

What about the ovarian cancers in young women? Lung cancers are usually very rare in young people. Again, we thank Amy for keeping this list.

Amy Griffin's Cancer List as of September 2017
Total Number of Cases of Cancer
248 total athletes with cancer
117 females
131 males
Of the total number, 155 are blood cancers or 62.5%

On average, goalkeepers account for 10% of a soccer team—yet of the 196 soccer players with cancer, 115 are goalkeepers, or 59%

Number of Cases by Cancer, Soccer and Goalkeeper
101 Lymphoma (Hodgkin's and Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas combined)
75 soccer players, 38 are goalkeepers or 51%

Of the 101 lymphoma cases, 66 had Hodgkin's lymphoma
49 soccer players, 26 are goalkeepers or 53%
Of the 101 lymphoma cases, 35 had Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
26 soccer players, 12 are goalkeepers or 46%
54 Leukemia
45 soccer players, 30 are goalkeepers or 67%
29 Sarcoma (soft tissue cancer)
20 soccer players, 9 are goalkeepers or 45%
15 Testicular
12 soccer players, 7 are goalkeepers or 58%
11 Thyroid 10 soccer players, 8 are goalkeepers or 80%
ALL females
All between ages 16-26

10 Brain
ALL soccer players, 6 are goalkeepers or 60%
4 Ovarian
ALL soccer players, 1 is a goalkeeper or 25%
Their ages are 14, 15, 23 and 34
3 Lung
ALL soccer players, 3 are goalkeepers or 100%
Their ages are 19, 26, and 27.