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Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf: Exposures to Ground Up Rubber Tires - Athletic Fields, Playgrounds, Garden Mulch

Findings of the chemical analysis conducted by the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies of crumb rubber tire infill used in synthetic turf and rubber tire mulch used as surfacing material in toddler playgrounds

News & Commentary

The Cancer List Keeps Growing Among Athletes on Synthetic Turf

New Study – Many carcinogens found in Yale analysis of crumb rubber infill and playground mulch surfacing

Overview of the Risks of Synthetic Turf Fields

Exposure to crumb rubber nanoparticles could lead to serious health issues

Cancer cases among student athletes playing on synthetic turf continue to grow (updated 2/12/2015)

State Studies Do Not Reflect Actual Exposures from Synthetic Turf to Student Athletes

Another soccer coach testifies on the problems with synthetic turf

Cancer patterns among soccer goalies who played on synthetic turf fields increase concerns

David Brown, Public Health Toxicologist, Responds to Synthetic Turf Council Claims

How were toxic rubber tires allowed to be put where children play?

OP-Ed - Synthetic turf fields contain toxins. Why do schools and towns continue to install them?

It's time for a Congressional hearing on synthetic turf fields and playground rubber mulch

Turf may be synthetic, but health issues are real - Greenwich Times Op Ed 6/2012

Recent Artificial Turf Study Shows Carcinogens and Toxins in Synthetic Turf Fields

Connecticut's Artificial Turf Study's Risk Estimates Were Modified to Avoid Alarming the Public, Warns Environment and Human Health, Inc.

EHHI Op-Ed: Toxic mulch means White House play area not fun and games

EHHI Editorial: Incomplete study dubs rubber turf free of lead

EHHI's evaluation of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (USCPSC) testing for lead on synthetic turf fields

"Rubber Mulch" a Danger for Gardens and perhaps even People

Press Release: EHHI Releases Original Research Report - Exposures to Recycled Tire Crumbs used on Synthetic Turf Fields, Playgrounds and as Gardening Mulch

EHHI's Comments on Synthetic Turf

Environment and Human Health, Inc.’s Responses to the CT Department of Public Health’s Fact Sheet and Technical Support Document on Artificial Turf

News & Resources

Australian scientists called for a moratorium on synthetic turf

Football knee injuries more likely on artificial turf: study

Threat of toxic playgrounds - Calls for a moratorium ... an investigation by The Sun-Herald has revealed widespread concerns about synthetic grass.

Fawcett Will Seek Moratorium on New Synthetic Turf Fields

DeLauro Takes CPSC to Task on Findings in Hastily Compiled and Flawed Report

DeLauro Continues to Press EPA for Thorough Investigation of Potential Health Risks of Synthetic Turf

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Synthetic Turf

Background Information & Studies

Synthetic Turfgrass Costs Far Exceed Natural Grass Playing Fields according to a University of Missouri study

Excess cancer deaths among workers involved in the manufacture of rubber products.

How Safe Is the Artificial Turf Your Child Plays On?

Former CDC toxicologist unsurprised by alleged link between artificial turf, cancer

Hazardous organic chemicals found in rubber recycled tire playgrounds and pavers

Chemicals found in rubber tire "infill"

How did the government allow ground up rubber tires to be placed where children play?

Ground-up rubber tires used as garden mulch and playground mulch remain a concern

Hazardous organic chemicals in rubber recycled tire playgrounds and pavers
Study shows high content of toxic chemicals in recycled rubber tires


Quick Facts

- Synthetic turf materials are made out of plastic and ground up rubber tires -- both of which tend to absorb heat and get much hotter than the air around them.

- Ground up rubber tires are also being sold for use as garden mulch and on playgrounds.

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